Guinier analysis in the ATSAS software package for analysis of biological SAXS data:
[note: this Guide is for ATSAS 3.2.1 on mac - there may be minor differences between operation systems and ATSAS versions.]
  • Go to the ATSAS download site, and download ATSAS (free for academic users and students. You need to make an user, but this is free and fast).
  • Open Primus (should be in you app folder after installation). Primus is a GUI for ATSAS and has many great options.
  • Load the data into Primus. Go to the Analysis tab. Press the bottom "Distance Distribution". Press "Next".
  • You will then see a $p(r)$ as well as values for $R_g$ and $d_\mathrm{max}$.
  • Congratulations, you have done a $p(r)$ plot.